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Chloroprene sheet is used to produce insulating joints and coatings for protecting environments that are in contact with oils and other chemical products. It may also be used in outdoor applications, as it has a good resistance to temperature changes, ozone action and adverse weather conditions.

Properties :

  • Good mechanical and abrasion properties.
  • Reasonable resilience in grades over 600 Shore A.
  • Good resistance to heat, ozone and weathering.
  • Flame retardant grades available.
  • Good adhesion to metal.
  • Temperature range: -250 C to +1250 C.
  • Resistance to chemicals; resistant to inorganic chemical products , except oxidising acids and halogens. Moderate resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Applications :

  • Industrial maintenance (oils).
  • Industrial maintenance (fire)
  • Food industries
  • Sealing
  • Bearings

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Butyl rubber is a copolymer or isobutylene and a small percentage of isoprene and has a very low permeability to air and other gases. It has excellent resistance to ozone.

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NBR Nitrile has excellent resistance to petroleum oils and aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils and many acids with good elongation, resilience, tensile and compression set properties. Commercial grades are a mixture of nitrile and SBR .

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