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Product Details


High grade polyurethane elastomer, high wear and abrasion resistance. Standard product for most applications is 90 shore hardness and usually red. This is an excellent choice in areas of high abrasion. It can be made in strip, moulded to make a variety of parts, highly popular for re-covering wheels and wear strips on conveyor systems. Other hardnesses can be made, with a number of colours available, usually to identify the product, as well as natural non-marking white. These sheets have a good ageing properties besides excellent resistance to abrasion, tear and various solvents. However, these sheets cannot be used at higher temperatures.

Features :

  • Abrasion resistant
    Parts made of polyurethane will often outwear other materials by a margin of 5 to 50/one when severe abrasion is a factor. It has been proven to be vastly superior to rubber plastics and metal in many applications.
  • Oil and solvent resistant
    Polyurethane has excellent resistance to oils, solvents, fats, greases and gasoline.
  • Load bearing capacity
    Polyurethane has a higher load-bearing capacity than any conventional rubber. Because of this characteristic, it is an ideal material for load wheels, heavy duty couplings, metal-forming pads, shock pads, expansion joints and machine mounts.
  • Tear resistant
    Tear-strength ranges between 500-100 Ibs./linear inch, which is far superior to rubbers. As a result, urethane is often used as drive belts, diaphragms, roll covers, cutting pads, gaskets and chute liners.
  • Weather resistant
    Polyurethane has outstanding resistance to oxygen, ozone, sunlight and general weather conditions.
  • Excellent noise abatement properties
    The hard urethanes are now being used as gears in products where engineers desire sound reduction. The soft urethanes are used to replace rubbers for improved sound/vibration dampening.
  • Flex-Life
    Most formulations offer extremely high flex-life and can be expected to outlast other elastomer materials where this feature is an important requirement. Dust boots, bellows, diaphragms, belts, couplings and similar products are made from urethane for this reason.
  • Electrical properties
    Polyurethane has excellent electrical insulating properties and is used successfully in many moulded wire and cable harness assemblies.
  • Heat and cold resistant
    Continuous use above 2250F is not recommended nor is urethane recommended in hot water over 1750F. At low temperatures, polyurethane will remain flexible down to -900F. A gradual stiffening will occur at 00F, but will not become pronounced until much lower temperatures are obtained.

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