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Product Details


We supply natural rubber as detailed below in a range of thicknesses ranging from 1.5-25mm in 1.2 or 1.4m wide 10m rolls, or cut to size. These sheets exhibits excellent physical properties including a moderate abrasion and temperature resistance. Can be used for service temperature up to 800 C. Natural Rubber is resistant to moderate chemical contact, wet or dry organic acids, alcohols, ketones and aldehydes; and not suitable for contact with ozone, strong acids, oils, greases and most hydrocarbons.

Natural Rubber Sheet Guidelines

Colour Natural or coloured
Width Calendered up to 1.9m wide

Calendered from 200mym

Hardness 40 IRHD to 90 IRHD
Construction Single sheet with multi-ply
Cure state Fully, semi and uncured NR sheet
Surface finish Smooth finish NR sheet / cloth finish NR sheet
Roll lengths Bulk manufacturer, rolls cut to despatch order
Ancillary services

NR strip, NR panels, laminations

Other Rubber Sheet

Natual Rubber Sheet, Nitrile Rubber Sheet , EPDM Rubber Sheet, Silicone Rubber Sheet, Butyl Rbber Sheet, Hypalon Rubber Sheet, Gasket, Latex Rubber sheet, Commercial Rubber, polyeurathane rubber, Viton Rubber sheet


Butyl rubber is a copolymer or isobutylene and a small percentage of isoprene and has a very low permeability to air and other gases. It has excellent resistance to ozone.

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NBR Nitrile has excellent resistance to petroleum oils and aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils and many acids with good elongation, resilience, tensile and compression set properties. Commercial grades are a mixture of nitrile and SBR .

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